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May 9, 2006 - Post No. 75

The Armenian community in Jerusalem gathered in great numbers on Sunday, May 7, to commemorate the 113 Armenians who lost their lives in last Wednesday's air disaster in Armenia. The shock wave of the tragedy rattled through the monastery after matins on the morning of the crash, and many of the monks gathered in front of the television in the common area, for the news reports on the Armenian channel, received here by satellite in Jerusalem.

As soon as it was available, a list of the names of the dead was circulated throughout the Armenian compound in Old Jerusalem. The long list, with names like that of 23 year old Hamlet Abgarian and his friend Vram Oganesian, was closely scanned by the members of the community here in search of possible relations and friends -- the Armenian world is remarkably small at times like this.

Word went out that the Badarak for Green Sunday at the Church of the Resurrection (Holy Sepulchre) would include a memorial for the victims of the plane crash, and when it came time for the requiem, a large group -- including Armenian school children in their uniforms -- had gathered in the rotunda beside the Aedicule of the Empty Tomb.

Vor hanéyitz sdéghdzoh koyitz ararchagitz
Hor Bant Asdvadz toghootiun shnorhia nunjétzélotz kotz dzarayitz horjham kas tadél zor anaradtzérok sdeghdzer.

O thou God the Word that art,
together with the Father,
the creator of beings out of nothing;
grant forgiveness to thy servants that are asleep,
when thou comest to judge them
that thou didst create with spotless hands.


Photos compliments of Fr. Isahak Minasyan, Jerusalem 2006